Ends on May 30, 2019

Your art must  be vertical and 8 1/2 by 11 in size. 

Student can take a picture of their artwork or send it as a document.. Apple products and software are not available to most teachers- please make sure your entry can be submitted as a doc or PDF or a JPEG. 

It must include the following: 

- Artwork that depicts the theme through the lens of Literacy

- The Name The KY Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts and  KCTE/LA

- The name of the Issue Theme - See: http://kcte.org/publication/kentucky-english-bulletin/  for our current call for Manuscripts. **

- The General Date (month and year) 

(**Note that we hope to award more than one art work as we proceed through the year since we produce 2 issues a year plus an additional student writing issue- all of which are open for possible student artwork for our front cover on a professional education journal! Due to this- students might focus on literacy as a focus or student writing as a focus so as to meet possible future themes not yet selected or to meet our student writing issue that comes out in December. ) 

- It must be the student's original work and it is the teacher's responsibility to get permission from both the student and  their parent to publish the artwork, and to secure that permission if ever needed. 

Please note that the deadline for submissons is May 30 2019- however, we are looking for artwork or our covers as early as March of this year- so submit those artistic covers and rememer to keep the focus on Literacy. 

The student need not send the actual artwork unless they choose to. You can take a quality picture of your front cover art or upload the original artwork itself- we cannot guarantee formatting and such that might keep the artwork from being used as a cover.